Whiteboard Animation


Animated videos are very popular among marketers and small entrepreneurs. Studies shows that animated videos can attract more viewers, grab their attention and convey the messages effectively.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

A whiteboard animation is a type of explainer video in which animated film is created directly in front of the viewer. The viewer of a whiteboard animation film sees subsequent pictures appearing and gets engaged in the story narrated by the illustrator. The video can be about a new product launch or introducing a company or about a new service, feature or technology in your business.

What are the Benefits of Whiteboard Animation ?

They are much focused:

Whiteboard animations are very focused and innovative way to advertise and market your products or services.

It is Universal:

Whiteboard animation style can be used for marketing or explaining any business or even then can be used as eLearning videos.

It is clear:

Whiteboard animations help to convey the message clearly to its target audience. It uses recognizable symbols and visuals based on common knowledge that is easily understandable to everyone.

High impact:

Whiteboard animations can make a high impact on the customers. If they can remember the video, they will remember your product or service as well. There by working as a PR for you and your company.

They are cost effective:

Whiteboard animations are cheaper to produce. It is a right choice for startup companies or companies with budget constraints.

Whiteboard Animation

Process of Creating Whiteboard Animation

Script: Start with a script. The script should be precise and it should convey all the information the customer needs to know about your product or service.

Storyboard: Storyboard is the pictorial representation of key scenes for a better understanding of the script.

Create the voice-over for your video: Give your story the suitable sound so that the message will be conveyed clearly to the audience.

Animation: Choose the right software needed for creating your whiteboard animation.

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