Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are videos with live footage or animation along with supporting graphics which are used to create an illusion of movements or rotation. They are usually combined with voice-over or music. It is widely used by companies to explain their complicated products or services in detail or to create brand awareness and trust to their products. The graphics used in this technique are used to support and show the benefits the customer will receive from the product or service.

They are widely used for commercial applications such as TV commercials, Films, interactive applications etc.

Benefits of Motion Graphic Videos

  • It provides an instant and real time results.
  • It is cost effective compared to the traditional 2D animation based on keyframes.
  • Motion capture allows us to create different styles of outputs.
  • It helps in recreating complex movement and realistic physical interactions in a physically accurate manner.
  • It is less time consuming, making the artists capable of producing extremely large animation data within a given time.
  • It can be created using third party and free software, which makes it cost effective.

Motion Graphics can be incorporated with other styles of explanatory videos to make it more charming. These combinations can make the videos more interesting and fun

  • Motion Graphics Video + Live Action: We can create a more efficient communication by combining motion graphic video and a live action video.
  • Motion Graphics + Character Animation: Most of the time human factor is essential for your companyís communication goal. And for doing this, we can combine a motion graphics video with character animation for better results.
  • Motion Graphics + Whiteboard Animation: Almost all whiteboard animation requires some kind of motion graphics in it to convey the information more effectively.

Motion Graphics video is the most effective video type with a great ability to explain your business or information in a short period of time. Donít miss the opportunity to explore these amazing examples of motion graphics videos done by the well experienced team of Prayan Animation Studio.