Stop Motion

Stop Motion

Stop Motion Animation is a technique in which small increments in the movement of an object are filmed frame by frame in such a way that when all these frames are played in sequence it shows movement The most commonly used stop motion techniques are Claymation, puppet animation and miniatures, as they are easy to handle and can be repositioned easily. Stop Motion animation can either be simple or it may take hundreds of hours and months to complete the animation. You can do the frame recording using a still camera or with a video recording device.

Because of its versatility, Stop motion animation is a highly popular animation type for marketing and explainer videos. Using stop motion technique we can create unique explainer videos for your business.

The advent of technology and the wide use of computer generated animation have removed stop motion animation from mainstream but its unique technique and realistic textures used in the creation of videos will make it stay for a long time.

stop motion

It is widely used in artistic short commercials, cartoons and in movie scenes. This technique is very expensive but its unique effects make it appealable to many.Though making of high-quality stop motion videos is difficult and time consuming, their uniqueness helps businesses reap many rewards and ROIs. The unique stop motion videos are most likely to get shared by people among their friends and social Medias. This can support the marketing campaign of a business and helps to make the product more popular and memorable.

To start benefitting from stop motion videos, think of a unique concept, start working with a professional animation team like Prayan who is having years of experience in creating high quality videos and start creating!