Basic 2D Animation

Basic 2D Animation

In the modern world, everything became so fast that people find it boring or unattractive to spend time reading the text that explain your product or service. An animated Explainer Video is one of the successful medium to convey your product or services to your target customers over a short period of time. It is one of the most effective ways to raise brand awareness, more customer engagement, improve your SEO ranking and increase business conversions.

Before doing an animation video you must have a clear idea about what all details you have to include in the animation video. The basic 2D animation video is one of the most attractive styles of explainer video. Here we can use animated characters to explainer your business to the customers. With the help of computers you can design 2D characters that become a Brand Icon for your business that helps you in creating brand awareness among the public.

2D animation videos can also be used for educating, or inward training, introducing an item or essentially presenting another product to your target audience. 2D animation is suitable for introducing a new product or services.

2D Animation is widely used for:

  • Product launch
  • Startups Introductions
  • Explaining new services
  • Brand awareness
  • Educational Purposes

    Advantages of using 2D Animation

    • Production Cost is less - Compared to the 3D animation, the production cost for the 2D animation is less
    • Less time consuming - We can create 2D animation much faster as compared to 3D animation
    • Simple - 2D animation requires less technology and software for its production compared to 3D

The widely used software programs for creating 2D animation are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Encore, Toon Boom etc.

Why Choose Prayan Animation for your 2D animation works?

Prayan Animation Studio has completed more than 150 2D animation projects for clients from different parts of the world. Prayan is a one-stop solution for all your 2D animation needs. We can support you from concept creation to the final out. We also provide voice-over services. Prayan has a team of well experienced and professional voice-over artists from around the globe who can support with the voice-over needs for your project.

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